Saturday, August 28, 2010

2010 Aston Martin DBS UB 2010 Special Edition Side View

Dr. Ulrich Bez, CEO of Aston Martin for nearly a decade, has been credited with bringing some of the most evocative models of recent memory to production and changing the luxury British sports car maker for the better. How to give thanks? Aston's done it with a special edition DBS Convertible.

Dubbed the UB-2010 Limited Edition, the special DBS models are a product of Aston’s Works Service program, which is typically employed by customers desiring personalization to the nth degree. In this instance, Bez himself specified the unique color scheme, which includes an “Azurite Black” paint hue, metallic bronze leather with woven seat inserts, and a special “Cryptic Titan” interior trim finish.

Each DBS UB-2010 will wear special doorsill plates with Bez’s signature. Aston says Bez will personally sign off on each of the UB-2010 cars, lending his signature to the car’s final inspection plate as well.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Training flight of BAE Hawk

Bias: It's a close call but the 1.0449 resistance does still seem to be the dividing line between bullish & bearish

Please read the attached PDF file which provides more detailed analysis
Daily Outlook
It was a pretty messy day but the 1.0449 resistance has held well. To maintain the bearish structure we now require the 1.0408 corrective low to break to generate a retest of the 1.0331-50 lows. If seen this could generate a limited correction but subsequent follow-through lower should then accelerate losses through 1.0290-00 and to the 1.0250-55 support. Expect a correction from there. This would imply a final move to the 1.0140-67 area.
Only a break above 1.0450 and preferably the 1.0483 pivot resistance would suggest that the decline has been corrective and then we should look for gains back above 1.0500-30 and 1.0560-85 to retest the 1.0625 high. Also note resistance at 1.0660-87 and 1.0713...
Medium Term Outlook

16th August:
A new low at 1.0331 and then a reversal which has failed to overcome the 1.0640 swing high and thus, as we move into a corrective phase elsewhere I see there remains the risk of losses that have chance of testing the original targets at 1.0252 and 1.0140...

Only back above 1.0625-40 would bring earlier relief and the prospect of more sustainable gains.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BMW X9 Concept is a modern safari for Batman

Did you ever think if the Caped Crusader ever gets tired of his batmobile and wanna have a modern vehicle instead? What kinda vehicle he’ll opt for? The one pictured above has all that Batman would surely fall for. Hailed as the BMW X9 Concept, the 18-year old designer from Tunisia, Khalfi Oussama, might surely have thought of a modern vehicle for Batman before giving shape to this vehicle. Unfortunately we don’t have all that technical info of the vehicle or what was the inspiration behind, but checkout the images and you will rhyme with me that this weird vehicle is an ideal safari for the Dark Knight.